My first job right after college was at an ad agency. While at Havas, I worked on code and design projects for IBM & TD Ameritrade.

  • Client

    IBM, TD Ameritrade

  • Role

    Frontend developer, UX prototyper

  • Year



After TD Bank announed its re-brand which highlights a much modern and youthful tone-of-voice, Havas was tasked with designing a new brand expression guide book for the Omaha native. For this project, I paired up with a senior UI designer to brainstorm, design, and prototype highly interactive modules for TD's digital style guide, originally created in PDF format by 2 creative directors.The following is a compilation of multiple motion prototypes and interactive modules that were created for the pitch.


2 months after graduation, I became part of the core team that developed IBM's IoT Whitepaper experience. I assisted lead developers with animating many individual elements that make up this highly interactive experience: sound, load screen, sidebar, buttons, etc... I also took part in design reviews and helped the dev team consult UX/UI designers with designing motions and interactions that best fulfill the experience.


I love animations. I learned to write my first few lines of JavaScript to animate something on my website back in 2015. I soon picked up different methods of on-screen animating such as CSS, JavaScript, and After Effects. Look where they got me!